Which Kind Of Dick Ring is Right for Me?

As you could currently recognize, cock ring innovation has come a long way from the affordable plastic non reusable rings of old!

Yet, that poses a different problem: which of the numerous sorts of dick ring is best for me as well as my penis?

Well, we can’t answer that for you, however we can tell you everything about all the different types available, and also why you might love them.

Stretchy Penis Rings

If you’re concerned concerning fit or over-tightness, after that you should choose an elastic cock ring.

A lot of are made with incredibly elastic materials like TPE, though you can locate some made from silicone, too. Silicone dick rings are still elastic, however do not have the very same squishiness as TPE.

A dick ring with some stretch will certainly be less complicated to put on, change, and remove, whilst still offering all those great penis ring benefits.

Doc Johnson Adjustable Dick Ring Establish

If you’re more thinking about convenience, try a flexible penis ring. They feature a bead or slider that enable you to adjust the rigidity of the ring to your preferences.

For those that aren’t certain about their penis ring sizing, these can be a wonderful alternative. Plus, if you’re a newbie, you can start loose as well as enhance the rigidity as you get made use of to the experience.

You can likewise conveniently transform these right into testicle rings, or perhaps penis and testicle rings if you’re feeling really daring!

Shaking Cock Bands

Vibrating penis rings allow both you as well as your companion to gain the incentives of penis rings. They can promote your penis, testicles or perineum, in addition to your partners clitoris or perineum, as well!

When selecting a penis ring that vibrates, it is essential to think about exactly how you’ll be utilizing it, and also how it will certainly fit you both. Some only have small shaking piles, which may not be suitable if your partner is mosting likely to be riding you upright with their clitoris even more away from the action.

Others have a lot more extended vibrators that reach specifically where they’re required, like the Lelo Tor 2 right here.

App-Controlled Dick Rings

A downside with some shaking penis rings, including the one above, is that the controls are on the ring itself.

That means that if you intend to increase the resonance rate or modification to a different pattern, you need to reach down and do it by hand. A little uncomfortable, especially if you’re truly in the zone.

Go into: remote control shaking penis rings. All the fantastic stuff, with much less of the fiddling. Some, similar to this one from Lovense, can be app-controlled, offering you specific controls and also the option for long-distance fun.

Rabbit Penis Rings

Bunny vibes are popular for their enjoyment prowess. By promoting the g-spot and the outside clitoris at the same time, they bring a whole new measurement to orgasms for those with vulvas.

Why not bring some of that warm to your penis ring play? The rabbit-style ears on this ring from Fun Manufacturing facility vibrate and also twitch against the clitoris or perineum, giving accurate and powerful experiences for your companion.

DOMINIX Deluxe Stainless-steel Donut Penis Ring

For many people, a metal penis ring such as this is the very first type of penis ring they envision when they think about the sex toy.

While it could not be the most popular option any longer (and also isn’t the most effective option for novices), steel penis rings are still significantly around, and they do have their virtues.

They can provide you some seriously firm as well as significant experiences. Plus, they can even be carefully warmed or cooled down to change up the experience. Just ensure to use lots of lube!

Magnetic Penis Rings

If you like the idea of a steel cock ring yet aren’t into the tough procedure of putting one on, why not check out a magnetic cock ring?

These attractive-looking toys (pun meant) are quickly put on by merely putting both halves in place around your penis and/or testicles and then attaching them together.

The solid magnets will keep the ring in location as you play, giving you all that weighty benefits that feels so good.

After that, when you’re done, just draw them apart– it’s that simple!

Leather Dick Rings

Spartacus 6-Snap Natural Leather Penis Ring

Who isn’t even a little brought in to the leather look, really?

If the concept of a leather band around your cock gets you going, after that you have a terrific option to choose from.

Leather has the same kinky vibe as steel, yet it’s much softer and a lot more flexible, making it far more comfortable to put on.

It’s not stretchy like silicone or TPE, however, many leather dick rings can be changed with snaps or even buckles!

Teardrop Cock Rings

A teardrop cock ring is one sort of penis ring that you might not have heard of previously, however the idea is rather self-explanatory!

These uniquely-designed cock rings have an extensive potion on one side that generally flexes delicately to get to whichever wonderful place you choose.

Put on one throughout sex with a companion as well as provide that necessary clitoral excitement. Or, transform it round and also let it hug your perineum for amazing indirect prostate excitement!


There are actually a ton of sorts of handmade cock rings out there, but the basic idea is that they are rings that have bumps or beads around their area.

These offer some interesting feelings along your shaft and/or testicles as you placed them on and stir. They can likewise deliver some delicious added texture to your companion throughout penetrative sex.

Just know that, if using a dick ring with loosened grains on it, your skin can obtain annoyingly caught in between them as you wear it. That’s why we recommend a beaded penis ring like those in the essential collection, envisioned.

With a Butt Plug

When you simply can’t pick between penis play or a little bit of backdoor enjoyable, why not try out a plaything that does both?

Not just will the penis ring boost your erection, the butt plug with tease and tantalize your p-spot for amazing blended sensations.

This dick ring with a butt plug from Enjoyable Manufacturing facility is ergonomically designed to be comfy to put on and easy to insert. Utilize it while permeating a companion or go solo and couple with a Fleshlight or one more kind of stroker!

Double Infiltration Penis Rings

For all of the wonderful things about penises, there is still just one of them each.

If you’re companion is yearning some dual infiltration, but you don’t wish to bring in a third person, after that you can try a dual infiltration dick ring.

These toys have a ring that goes around the shaft, which is attached to a dildo simply below it. You’ll obtain all of the benefits of a cock ring, and also can fill up both of your companion’s openings at the same time!

Many of these sorts of cock ring additionally have a 2nd ring that goes around the scrotum. This keeps it secured to your body as you thrust.

BDSM Cock Bands

The group of BDSM dick rings is wide, however the common denominator is that they provide methods of maintaining the wearer submissive.

You can discover BDSM dick rings that have actually nipple clamps affixed, or that belong to a harness that limits the users’ activities. You can even locate some with spikes on the within for that unpleasant type of enjoyment.

Obviously, you should not present a BDSM dick ring right into the room without very first discussing it extensively with your companion. Decide on a safeword that, if stated, implies that the cock ring will be taken off immediately.

For more important security info, look into our overview to BDSM for beginners.

Cock Bands vs Testicle Bands

When we discuss sorts of cock ring, usually we are also speaking about rings that walk around the testicles.

So, what exactly is a testicle ring? And, is it different from a dick ring?

A testicle ring is commonly taken either:

  • A ring that walks around the base of the penis, behind the scrotum,
  • Or, a ring that only goes around the scrotum as well as not the shaft.

Here’s a fast summary of the different sort of testicle rings that you may see …

Exactly how to Gauge Yourself for a Penis Ring

If you’re still uncertain regarding which type of cock ring will certainly fit you finest, it’s a great idea to recognize what dimension to go with.

Whether you need a big penis ring or a small penis ring will rely on the size of your penis, and getting the dimension right is very important. Too huge, and it won’t have the intended effect. Too small, and you could quickly create on your own an injury.

If you wish to know how to properly determine on your own for a cock ring, after that take a look at our comprehensive overview to cock ring sizing.

Yet, if you remain in a hurry, below’s a quick review:

  • Start with a flaccid penis and also cover a piece of string relatively tight around the base (or the place you wish to put on the cock ring).
  • Take a marker and mark on the string where both sides satisfy.
  • Remove the string and after that gauge the range between both marks. This is the area you’ll be seeking in a cock ring.
  • Do the very same with an erect penis– the measurements should be rather similar.
  • Bear in mind that, if you’re trying to find a cock ring with some stretch to it, its dimensions will certainly be smaller than what it can extend to. So, you can purchase a ring somewhat smaller sized than your dimensions, and also it needs to fit.