How Do Guys Like Vibrating Tongue Piercings?

When it comes to body piercings, tongue piercings are the most popular. Tongue piercings are great for showing off your personality and they can be worn for both fun and flirty reasons! They are also great for giving a boost to your oral sex.

Does the piercing hurt?

The tongue is very sensitive and therefore it can be painful to get a piercing. It can also cause pain when speaking or eating but it is only temporary and usually goes away after a few days. If you feel pain, it is worth bringing it to your piercers attention as soon as possible!

Does it get infected easily?

Like any other type of piercing, tongue piercings can be susceptible to infection. This is because your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria and it’s important to clean your piercing regularly in order to prevent any infections or other issues. You should be cleaning your piercing twice a day as you would your teeth and rinsing it after every meal. Avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes and make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your tongue hydrated.

What happens if I swallow my tongue ring?

A tongue ring can be a choking hazard so it’s important to be careful when you sleep. If your ring unscrews overnight, it could end up going down your throat and you could suffer serious breathing problems or even worse – require lung surgery!

How long does it take for a tongue piercing to heal?

The tongue’s excellent healing abilities mean that most piercings heal up fairly quickly. In some cases, holes can close in just hours. In other cases, it takes months for the piercing to fully heal. It is possible to fit jewellery (often smaller than the initial barbell) into the hole after a while – the exact time frame varies from person to person, but generally speaking it will take a few months for the piercing to completely heal.

Do you have to be a certain age to get a tongue piercing?

There are no official age limits to getting a tongue piercing, but many piercers have a strict policy that anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. You should check the rules at your local piercing parlour to see what their policy is.

Does it cost a lot to get a tongue piercing?

A tongue piercing can be quite expensive depending on the material you decide to use. A standard titanium barbell will probably set you back around PS35-40 and then there’s the added expense of having your piercing sealed and put on a needle which can be an extra £20-£30 or more, depending on what type of piercing is done.

Do you have to clean your piercing often?

A piercing should be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution at least twice a day to prevent infections. You should also rinse with warm water after each meal to help keep the piercing clean and free from germs.