Have you ever before found yourself in a scenario where your sex life is excellent … however not excellent?

Have you ever before found yourself in a scenario where your sex life is excellent … however not excellent?

More than when, you’ve found yourself believing: “What would certainly it seem like if my partner and also I attempted something various?”

Well, you as well as me both! It’s not like we despise the way we make love to our companions, it’s simply that it’s time for us to check out brand-new and exciting lands.

Particularly on the planet of your clit.

That’s right! Enable us to show you the 5 ideal sex positions for clitoral stimulation.

We have actually rounded the very best of the best from Women’s Health and wellness, Cosmopolitan and Astroglide so you can take points up a notch without hassle!

Riding the Side

Just checking out the name itself advises me of that Woman Gaga track. Now that I consider it, it’s the best tune to do this setting in!

Exactly how it Functions

Primarily, you rest on your back with your partner in addition to you. Correct your legs as well as enable your partners to cage them from the exterior. After that, slowly roll both of your hips as well as put in the time to discover the perfect rhythm in between your bodies. If either one of you feels like they’re going to orgasm, quit up until the need passes, as well as seduce each other throughout once again.

It may appear unbelievably aggravating to do because at this moment all you want is that climax, however there’s charm to this insanity. The objective is to obtain each other so determined to cum that it does not also matter if your partner is rubbing your clit right.

What is necessary is feeling that strong, unmanageable climax completely taking control of your body and leaving you both tired and also delightfully sated.


No, this isn’t the one you utilize in the kitchen for your salts and peppers. This is the one you perform in bed– no infiltration required.

How it Functions

This time, have your partner relax on their back with one knee bent up until the sole of their foot is grown firm on the bed. After that, you’ll remain on leading with your back dealt with towards them, making sure that your pussy fulfills the base of your companion’s curved knee.

And also much like Riding on the Edge, grind right into your partner’s upper leg at a slow-moving speed at first. Do not be shy to figure out how rapid or deep you wish to go because the goal right here is to enjoy a different experience rubbing up against your clitoris.

You can even try out various patterns also! Perhaps you’ll circle your hips and even try slapping it against the thigh. Simply ensure to hold on unless you’ll diminish!

This is quite fun to do. When I tried it myself in the past, my arms felt so aching from needing to hang on tight onto my companion’s thigh as I was freaking out over grinding myself onto their thigh. It’s an experience I ‘d gladly do again and also once again since it’s that astonishing!

New Doggy

Don’t turn your back on a traditional right now, because we’re adding a spin! This will leave you with restored excitement for a placement that’s been below from the start.

How it Works

You think you recognize exactly how to do this, but we’ll still run it down for you because there are new techniques to add on!

Come down on your hands as well as knees, making sure they’re securely planted on the bed prior to having your partner kneel behind you and pressing his crotch versus your ass.

Then, when your companion prepares, have them move their penis or strap-on right by your clitoris. You ought to be able to place a turn over it to make a pseudo-vagina and make your partner feel they’re inside you.

Now, your partner can propelled according to the rate both of you want and also enjoy the way their penis or strap-on rubs pleasantly against your clitoris. You can also heighten the sensation by tightening your hand and offer their dick a wonderful capture.

Just picturing it makes me want to try it with my partner as well! Often, we’re not up for infiltration so this can be an attractive alternative.

Reverse Inside story

Right here comes another timeless placement with a twist. This is for you if you’re in the state of mind to simply kick back, relax and also do little but feel so much.

Just how it Works

Relax with your companion laterally on the bed as well as make certain that you are encountering each other. Raise your leg to provide your partner enough area to enter you prior to draping it over their hips. Cover your arms around each other for all over skin to skin call, after that you both can grind against each other whether that’s your clitoris massaging versus their groin or making use of a tiny vibe to give you that added feeling.

This is fairly interesting to do especially when you’re house from a long day of work or tasks and all you desire is to be with your companion without being too rough.

Open Bar

Currently this is for the people that’re feeling daring since this one calls for a prop as well as tests your balance.

Exactly how it Works

Sit on a chair, or a feces for an added difficulty of keeping your back from dropping. Spread your legs as broad as possible and also let your companion in. Let them put their cock or strap-on in to the hilt and also get to fucking to your heart’s material.

The magic of this setting is that you get to lean back a little and slip your pass on to have fun with yourself any way you such as. For certain, you can see heaven either via rubbing, circling or touching your fingers versus your clitoris.

I likewise tried this one as well as the reality that I can touch myself while my partner endlessly extra pounds inside, it’s a setting I can’t wait to do again.


There you have it! These are the 5 ideal sex positions to clitoral excitement. You can proceed and attempt these out with your companion and find something new to include onto your sex lives. You’ll thank us later on!